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      "I've got you, my lady," he said hoarsely. "Last time we parted you were not so comfortable as you are now, a troisime and a few francs per day out of the cards when the police were complaisant. Here you have everything. There are a score of things that I could pawn for enough to keep me going for months. Ma foi, but you must be very rich."

      "But why must it have been me?" Leona asked.

      In Sluys I also got to know by friendly intercourse the character of the Belgians, so open, so straightforward, and so bright.

      "He had no what you call alternative," Ren growled.Bruce nodded. He would keep his secret for the present even from Hetty. In any case this was not the place to discuss the great adventure.

      "I suppose not," Arthur admitted, humbly.

      "My dear sir, the first beggar in the street can have them for all I care."

      "Well, that's all right; and what am I going to have with it, bread, potatoes, or...."


      A question, sharply put, generally produced some kind of effect upon the Clockwork man. It seemed to release the mechanism in his brain that made coherent speech possible. But his reply was disconcerting.CHAPTER XLVI. HETTY LEARNS SOMETHING.


      I can see now once more how little Germans care about the given word. They asked and obtained from Cardinal Mercier his co-operation to incite the population to return, but the cardinal, always anxious to safeguard his compatriots, made conditions to which they consented.