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      He rose and lifted her in his arms. How light she was! It was as if he carried one of the flowers upon his bosom.I dont know whether its quite the right thing for us to go round to Miss Chetwyndes, is it, Traff? he said. Not having been married many times, I am not up in the etiquette of the business, but Ive an idea that the bridegroom shouldnt show up at the house of his bride on the morning of the execution.

      A query: With Kincaid and Irby the chief figures in their social arena and Hilary so palpably his cousin's better in looks, in bearing, talents, and character, is it not strange that Flora, having conquest for her ruling passion, should strive so to relate Anna to Hilary as to give her, Anna, every advantage for the higher prize? Maybe it is, but she liked strangeness--and a stiff game.

      Esmeralda started, and her hand closed tightly over her fan. This gentleman, who had thanked her so fervently in the park, this nephew of Lord Selvaines, was the Trafford of whom Norman Druce had talked in his delirium, whose praises he had sung so enthusiastically! Would he recognize her? She raised her eyes to his almost apprehensively; but he, as he bowed, looked at her with grave, absent-minded eyes, and it seemed to Esmeralda as if he scarcely saw her.

      Yes, said Lilias, with a smile; Norman is here, and Ada Lancing, and one or two others. We thought you might be dull!

      Lady Wyndover stared at him.


      He helped them to alight, and he held Esmeraldas hand as they went up the marble steps, and across the terrace into the hall. As they entered, Lady Liliass small figure was seen coming down the stairs. She came forward, and welcomed them in her grave little fashion; but Trafford saw a flash of surprise pass across her face as she saw Esmeralda.


      Esmeralda glanced regretfully at the pudding, but obeyed, and followed her ladyship upstairs. Three large boxes were in the dressing-room, and Barker and her ladyships own maid were hastily unpacking them. In a few minutes the whole place was littered with costumes, and Lady Wyndover was flitting from one to the other in a state of excitement.