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      Si had never been under such a fire before. He stood it as long as he could, and 'then he stopped.She grunted an acknowledgment, and said rather imperiously:

      "The SOX are jest boss. They outrank anything in the Army of

      He held her hand loverly-wise for a long moment, Pen steeling herself not to shudder. Then he left the room."Shorty," said Si, "let's fire both together," and crack went their muskets.

      "No, yo' punkin-headed fool," she gasped. "I hain't dead, nor I hain't fainted, nor I hain't253 sufferkated. Yo'll find out when I git my wind back a little, I'm so full o' mad an' spite that I'm done tuckered clean out. I'm clean beat, so clean beat that I hain't no words to fit the 'casion. I've got t' lay still an' think an' gether up some.""What devilish cunning!" cried Riever.

      "Fell down and scratched it on a brier!" said Si, as soon as he was able to speak.

      "Don't interrupt me, my dear, I have an idea just taking shape in my mind.""It is nothing," Pen said. "I am not made of glass."



      "That's the way it 'pears to me, 'n' I've been kinder thinkin' lately that I'd learn how. The soljers all seem to enjoy their smokin' so much. You know. Shorty, that I was always a reel good boynever smoked, nor chawed terbacker, nor cussed, nor done nothin' that was out o' the straight an' narrer way. When I jined the regiment my good old mother says to me: 'Now, Si,' says she, 'I do hope ye'll 'member what I've always taught ye. I've beam 'em tell that they does dretful things in the army, and I want ye to see if ye can't be as good a boy as ye've been at home.' Of course, I told her I would, 'n' I mean, ter stick to it; but I don't b'lieve there's any harm in smokin'. Is it hard to learn?"