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      "Story-teller! The first look you gave me was not that kind at all?"

      "I loved a little beauty, Bell Brandon,"

      He stuck the spoon out towards Shorty's mouth. The latter, with his gunlock in one hand and a greasy rag in the other, looked at the tempting morsel, opened his mouth, and the deed was done.One morning three or four days after leaving Louisville, word was passed around that the regiment would not move that day, and the boys were so glad at the prospect of a day of rest that they wanted to get right up and yell. Si was sitting on a log, with his shoes off, rubbing his aching limbs and nursing his blisters, when the Orderly came along.

      The 200th Ind. Was Not Without Talent in Foraging 169"That would be something new in criminal jurisprudence," sneered Hackett.

      "Fair to middlin'," replied Shorty. "I'm goin' to try and pull through!"

      Si's Load Begins to Get Heavy 023So Straight he Leaned Backward 211


      Si saw that it would be profitless to discuss the matter, and concluded to make the best of a bad bargain. But he wouldn't eat the pie."There's just where you're shootin' off your mouth without any sense. You don't know what you're talkin' about. Men are lassoed every day and married to women that they'd run away from like a dog from a porcupine, if they could. You jest look around among the married folks you know, and see how many there are that wouldn't have married one another if they'd bin in their senses."


      "Mr. Riever didn't seemed to think it had suffered," Pen murmured slyly.All this time the stream of troopsregiments, brigades and divisionshad flowed on. Of course, soldiers who were with their colors had the right of way, and the stragglers were obliged to stumble along as best they could, over the logs and through the bushes at the sides of the roads or skirt along the edges of the fields and woods adjoining. It was this fact added to their exhausted and crippled condition, that made it almost impossible for stragglers to overtake their regiments until they halted for the night. Even then it was often midnight before the last of the wayfarers, weary and worn, dragged their aching limbs into camp.


      TRANSUBSTANTIATION."I'm sorry now. I have thought better of it."