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      He himself had never dreamed how it irked her until now. It was many years since he had been in the East, not, indeed, since Felipa had been a small child.[Pg 160] Keeping his promise to Cabot, as he understood it, had left him little for such pleasures as that. But he had done his duty then; he would do it again, and reap once more what seemed to him the inevitable reward, the reward which had been his all through his life,sheer disappointment, in all he prized most, ashes and dust.

      I cant guess this one, Sandy muttered. They started to turn one way, then went on only a little off the old course, and now theyre coming up toward where we are.

      Did I play up to you all right? Larry asked. I saw you didnt want to explain anything. Dick nodded.

      And he clung like a terrier to a tigress!It was not a nice outlook. But he found it did not grow any better for the thought that Felipa might have forgotten all about him, though that would unquestionably have been the best thing that could have happened for all concerned, from the standpoint of common sense. But there were two chances, of a sort, that made it worth while worrying along. One was that Felipa might some day, in the working out of things, come into his life. The other was that he could ferret out the truth of the Kirby massacre. Love and revenge are mighty stimulants.

      Dick, Larry and the detective, hearing the roar of the engine, delayed not a moment in their dash around the rest of the inlet shore.




      We will, gladly, sir, agreed Larry.


      Yes, I did all thatand I guess I will explain. I meant to, anyhowor I wouldnt have brought you here.